Care-Lexia GPT

Care-Lexia GPT, an evolving tool for dyslexic writers.

Our revolutionary writing assistant is specifically designed for dyslexic writers. This powerful tool goes beyond the capabilities of standard spellchecks by leveraging that a GPT can actually understand your writing, offering unparalleled support in correcting and analyzing your work

While no solution is 100% fool-proof, our tool stands out as a superior choice, demonstrating exceptional effectiveness compared to most market alternatives. It's not just a spellchecker; it's a tailored companion for dyslexic users, empowering them to write with confidence and ease.

More Details:

Care-Lexia GPT is a system that is designed to support dyslexic individuals by editing their written work, providing feedback on errors related to learning disabilities, and offering suggestions in a supportive manner. Here's a summary of its key features:

This approach is meant to  aligns with the needs of dyslexic individuals, providing them with tailored support to enhance their writing skills while respecting their privacy and dignity. 

The project has some drawbacks, including that it can only analyze a limited number of pages at a time. This exact number depends on the text itself, and the hope is that in the near future the number of pages of writi it can process, at once, will increase. Thank you so much for being part of the team.

*Please read our disclaimer for GPTs before using any of our products:  Disclaimer 

How is Care-Lexia GPT different then Chat GPT? 


Could you tell me a bit about the added training data that you use as apposed to stranded Chat GPT 4?

Care-Lexia GPT

As Care-Lexia GPT, my specialized training includes additional data and resources tailored to assist dyslexic individuals in written communication. While I'm built upon the foundation of ChatGPT-4, here are some key areas where my training data is augmented:

It's important to note that while I have access to specialized training and resources, I adhere to strict privacy and ethical guidelines. I don't retain personal data across sessions and each interaction is treated independently, ensuring user privacy and data security...

We at I Believe in You Publishing are proud signatories of 'The Find A Way Initiative.'

Find out more about the initiative to prevent discrimination of learning-disabled individuals at

Below, you will see an example of our policy in action. A user had asked Care-Lexia to diagnose someone based on their writing, and Care-Lexia has refused. However, it offered to scan the document and turn it into readable text, which is helpful.